Jenna's speciality is creative non-fiction, specifically writing that focuses on nature and a connection to one's environment. However, she enjoys working with writers of all abilities and areas of interest. She enjoys the challenge of helping new writers identify and capitalize on their unique strengths. She also believes that being a writer means being a voracious reader, and she frequently suggests memoirs, essay collections, short stories, craft books, and novels to help writers develop and hone their technique. She believes that reading across genres is critical to broadening a writer's scope and strategies.


Jenna loves working with young people and offers tutoring services for grades 7-12 on an array of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Reading comprehension. Jenna has an extensive library and loves to help students at every level engage with literature and develop their skills for critical reading.
  • SAT verbal preparation. The verbal aspect of the SAT can be immensely intimidating, but Jenna also believes that it can be easily broken down and understood by any student armed with the right strategies. She offers personal and group SAT tutoring sessions.
  • College essay preparation. Applying for college can be a daunting prospect for parents and students alike. Jenna can alleviate some of this anxiety by guiding students through the essay-writing process. She helps students produce their best work by providing crucial strategies and non-directive guidance as they brainstorm, outline, construct, and edit their essays.
  • Creative writing. As someone who loves nothing more than to tell a good story, Jenna adores working with students who want to further their skills in the realm of creative writing. She believes that writing is a wonderful, underutilized coping mechanism and enjoys helping teens explore the craft of creative writing and develop their own outlets for self-expression.


Jenna loves working with adult writers - both new and experienced - who are looking to find their footing in the world of creative non-fiction.

  • Workshops. Jenna provides workshops for all age ranges and topics. Her specialities include nature writing, scene development, and providing writers with prompts and other exercises to help them find their unique styles and voices. Located just miles from Saratoga Springs, New York, Jenna's home sits on two acres with a lovely gazebo that provides the perfect outdoor workshop setting. She is also happy to hold workshops in other spaces and available to travel reasonable distances.
  • One-on-one sessions. Through the processes of earning an MFA and writing her own memoir, Jenna has learned how truly collaborative the writing and revision process is. As an unattached third party with experience in many genres, she can provide you with the guidance and input that will help your work shine. Whether you are crafting a memoir with the goal of publication or simply experimenting with a new hobby and documenting an oral family history, Jenna's one-on-one mentorship is designed to cater to your individual needs and goals as a writer. She is happy to communicate remotely and will travel reasonable distances to accommodate in-person conferences.
  • Academic. Jenna is available for readings, classroom Skype sessions, and workshops at any level. She would love to meet you virtually and/or in-person, and prides herself on her flexibility and openness to alternative educational approaches and ideas.